Pawn/Loan or Deposit Payment

From: £0.00

In these unprecedented times we are doing everything we can to enable our customers to still manage their loans. So, if you wish to repay your loan but you are unable to travel to our Manchester store on Rochdale Road we’ve set up this online payment method to make your life easier!


You can pay your loan and interest in full by selecting payment type “Pawn/Loan”, entering the amount and clicking “Make Payment”. We will send you an email receipt and you can collect your pledged item(s) once the store is open again. If you are not sure how much you owe on your loan please call us on 0161 205 1729 and, subject to completing some security checks, we can advise you of the amount.


If you can’t make it into store to renew your loan DO NOT WORRY. We will keep your pledge item(s) securely in our safes until things get back to normal and your local store has reopened.


As always you can continue to make part-payments off your outstanding pawn/loan(s).

Please Note: As a responsible lender, it’s not good practice to allow you to pay off your pawn/loan(s) with credit, so unfortunately WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS FOR PART-PAYMENTS OR REDEMPTIONS.


If you have an item on deposit and would like to pay an amount off the balance please select “Deposit” from the dropdown box below, enter an amount and click “Make Payment”. We accept both credit/debit cards.

Payments can only be made by the customer specified on the pawn/loan agreement or deposit receipt.